Ethan's head

Ethan Manilow is a PhD student studying Computer Science working under Bryan Pardo in the Interactive Audio Lab at Northwestern University. He is a musician, coder, and fun person. He refuses to decide whether he loves cats or dogs more.

>>> Projects
  • Cerberus 2019
    Neural network to isolate instruments in a musical mix and simultaneously transcribe the notes of each instrument. [demo]
  • Slakh2100 2019
    Dataset for music source separation with 145 hours of mixtures, isolated sources, and MIDI. [website]
  • WHAM! 2019
    Dataset of nonstationary background noise for speech separation. [website]
  • SDR Prediction 2017
    Predicting source separation evaluation metrics without ground truth. [demo]
  • nussl 2015 - Now
    A python audio source separation library with implementation of many popular algorithms. [github] [docs]
  • SampSyn 2012
>>> Publications
>>> CV [pdf]

His email address is his first and last name at Google's email service.